Thursday, June 22, 2017

S01E03: Josh Fred

Josh Fred is a stand up comedian currently based in the Rockford, IL, area. Josh is a trans guy.

Jen and Josh talk about his start in stand-up comedy, starting transition in Japan as an American, and web comics.

Josh can be found on Twitter and you can watch his comedy on his YouTube channel:

Josh on Twitter: @MartianJosh.
Josh's YouTube: Josh Fred.

Episode Link.


  1. Great podcast... But what was going on with the audio levels?
    Ranging from inaudible *turns volume up full* to suddenly deafening!
    Can I suggest some dynamic range limiting/leveling somehow?

    1. Thanks! I understand. We had a little trouble recording with some intrusive animals. I attempted to normalize it but apparently I didn't do it enough. I'll attempt the filters you suggest.

      Thank you for listening! <3